Shockwave Programming

Inclusive Surf Nights

Join us for surfing tailored to individuals with cognitive or developmental disabilities and their families.

ShockWave Surf Nights

Body Boarding
Participants surf the FlowRider using a body board. This can be done laying down or kneeling on the board. Participants will learn the basics to riding the ShockWave on the body board before advancing to riding a stand-up board.

Novice/Instructional Stand-Up
Participants surf the ShockWave standing up on a board known as a “Flowboard.” This night is for participants with little or no stand-up board experience. For those with no experience,  instruction will be given on how to properly ride a Flowboard. It is suggested that a rider first attend a body board night prior to riding a Flowboard.

Advanced Stand-Up
Participants must be experienced in riding a Flowboard and must attend body boarding and novice nights prior. Skill level must be approved by staff.

Admission Pricing:
$10 to surf per person, per night
$3 to enter per person, per night

Shockwave Safety Rules:
Must be 48″ or taller to ride
Maximum weight to ride: 300 pounds
Minors must have a waiver signed by guardian to participate.

Shockwave – Advanced Rider Surfing

Liberty Lagoon will be offering an advanced rider timeframe this summer. An advanced rider is one that uses the Flow Board (standup board) to surf as well as the body board. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings advanced riders will have access to the Shockwave from 4:30-6:30 p.m. This timeframe will be for advanced riders ONLY and will be offered at normal admissions pricing. For advanced riders, a waiver must be signed. If a rider is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver for the participant to ride.

**If no advanced riders arrive, Shockwave usage will continue as normal**